Green Apple Pest Management Solutions Inc.         -
Residential Pest Management
Green Apple Pest Management Solutions Inc. has one main objective... 

We strive to protect your most important investment

First, upon arrival at your residence our field applicator will perform a thorough and extensive inspection.Second, we discuss a plan of action that can accommodate your needs as well as your budget.Together we decide on frequency and approach that best suits your pest issue.

For details or to setup an inspection please call us and our office personnel will be glad to assist you.
We offer  3 treatments 
  • Internal Treatments only
  • External Treatments only
  • Both Internal And External Treatments

You can chose from Bi-Weekly to Monthly to Quarterly(Every Three Months)!!

Our green approach lessens your environmental footprint, is humane to pests, and provides pest management with low toxicity.
The Green or Organic options are safe for you, the family, and your pets.
  • Single Family Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Apartment complexes and buildings
  • Lofts