Green Apple Pest Management Solutions Inc.         -
Bedbugs have made a huge comeback! In the past 8 years the number of infested homes seems to sky rocket. The current polls show that 1 in every 5 homes or dwellings in NYC are infested or have been infested with bedbugs.
Those are some scary numbers.....what is even scarier are the costs of bedbug treatments! Its in New yorkers nature to shop around but are you getting a quality job if you pay more or less? No ..Paying $1,000 dollars an hour doesn't  guarantee you will "sleep tight".
We at Green Apple want to be part of the Bedbug Economic Solution.
We offer warranties that range from 6 months to a year. Not many companies can claim this.
Our solution:-

Let our bedbug dog team confirm  you have a problem!
Tried and True program which utilizes guaranteed results!
  • EPA regulated products
  • Steam Treatments (Organic Option Only)
  • Wall Treatments including outlet treatments
  • Silicone Seal (Additional fees  apply)
  • Service performed by Certified Bedbug Specialists!!!
  • 6 month guarantee
  • 99.4% success rate on first visit.
  • Certified Bedbug Dog Inspection (Additional Fees )
  • HEPA Vacuum
  • Laundry service Provided (Additional Fees Apply)
  • Preparation Service for the treament (Additional fee)